EV event at the capitol

Kick the tires on electric vehicles at the National Drive Electric Week event at the Minnesota State Capitol

The big National Drive Electric Week event is coming up this weekend—Sunday, September 21st from 1:00 to 4:00pm at the State Capitol Mall.

To learn more about the event and electric vehicles (EVs) in general, we spoke with Matthew Blackner, Founder of ZEF Energy.

Joel Haskard: Who should come out to this event?

Matthew Blackner: Ever wondered what the fuss was all about? Want to cut through the marketing guff and ask ACTUAL owners what the limitations are and how to deal with them? Then this event is for you! If you like what you hear, or want to feel what it is like to drive a car with instant torque, there is a test drive of a fleet electric vehicles round a track on the Thursday afterwards.

Joel: What is something surprising folks might not know about EVs in Minnesota?

Matthew: There is no such thing as a frozen EV battery! Because EVs don’t have to “Crank”, they always start – no matter how cold it is. Because EV’s for their size are heavier than a standard internal combustion engine (ICE) car, they have a better grip in the snow!

Joel: Aren’t EV’s expensive?

Matthew: In short – no! Leases can be had for as low as $170 per month, and electricity to “fuel” the vehicle can be as low as $25 to travel $1000 miles. How many new cars on the road can you lease AND fuel for 1,000 miles for less than $200?

Joel: I don’t have a second car, so an electric car couldn’t get me up north?

Matthew: Yes it can! The Chevy Volt has a battery and gas engine, so you can drive for up to 50 miles on pure electricity around town. Then when you go further than that the gas engine kicks in! All the benefits of low running costs, with the assurance that you can do ALL the things you want to do.

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