Metro CERT Partners to Bring Neighborhood Energy Services to St. Paul


What is Neighborhood Energy Services?

Energy use report The Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC) and the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team (CERT) are teaming up with other nonprofits, businesses and government to provide this program in Saint Paul.

The first step for those who want to participate in the program is to attend a FREE workshop on saving energy and money in your home. Next, you schedule a home visit where the Home Energy Squad will install the energy-saving materials for only a $30 co-pay. Finally, we provide one year of personalized home energy reporting.

  • Energy Use Report: Learn quickly and easily how much your home is spending on energy and how your use compares to the average home in your neighborhood. When you fill out an information release form, you will receive an energy use report for the past year at the home visit, and regular updates for the following year.
  • Home Visit: You will be able to schedule your home visit at one of our free energy workshops. The Home Energy Squad will come to your home to identify your home’s energy needs and install materials to make it more efficient.
  • Simplicity: Our professional service brings together the resources that can make your home more energy efficient—all in one convenient visit.
  • Great Value: Improving your home’s energy efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars yearly. By attending one of our free workshops you’ll qualify to receive the home visit with up to $400 dollars worth of goods and services for only a $30 co-pay. At the workshop you’ll also receive our free “starter kit.” This incredible opportunity is only available through our neighborhood workshops.

Partners include The Center for Energy and Environment, Xcel Energy and the Saint Anthony Park Community Council. Funding is provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, with additional funding from community partners.

Rolling out the Program

Neighborhood Energy Services On October 19th Metro CERT, the Neighborhood Energy Connection and the St. Anthony Park District Council sponsored the first energy efficiency workshop for the Neighborhood Energy Service (NES) program in St. Paul.

Over 95 people turned out for a standing room only crowd at the St. Anthony Park Library to learn about simple energy-saving measures in their home. The first 88 people are now registered for home visits, in which a team of energy efficiency experts will come to their houses to do diagnostic testing, install energy efficiency materials and walk them through their personalized home energy-use report.

There will be one more workshop in St. Anthony Park this year, and recruitment in the Thomas-Dale/Summit-University neighborhood has already begun for the next round of workshops.

In Fall 2009, NES is only available to residents of Saint Anthony Park, Thomas-Dale, and Summit-University neighborhoods. As this program rolls out we will reach every neighborhood in St. Paul and bring basic energy savings to at least 2,000 homes. Look for the program in your neighborhood soon!


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