The Groom Room in Hawley, MN with solar array in distance

No barks about it, solar energy is good for business

The Groom Room dog boarding and grooming in Hawley, MN is one example of a small business reaping the benefits of renewable energy. Inspired by another local business, owner Jane Anderson recently installed 72 solar panels to cover her electricity needs.

For Anderson, the switch to solar will help her invest in her business: “If I save money on my electric bill, the fun thing is that I can put it back into my business and upgrade things,” she said. Since she’s locking in her energy costs for the next 25 years, Anderson is also excited to do away with her utility bill once the system is paid off and she’s looking to retire. “I think it’s kind of like a secret weapon towards retirement costs,” she said.

It was Anderson’s friend Randy Behrens who convinced her to take another look at solar now that prices have come down so much in recent years. Randy operates Behrens Construction on a farm not far away where he has an even larger solar array was installed near his home.

“I’m using it as an asset to my business,” Behrens said. “I work out of my home so for me by locking in my utility costs, it is also a monthly expense that I don’t have to look at,” he said.

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