Brownton Community Center brightens up with LED lighting

Interview with Ella Kruse

What energy improvements did you make, and why?

Built in 1993, the Brownton Community Center serving our town of 800 people was in need of some tender loving care. With the help of a CERTs Seed Grant, we were able to replace our old fluorescent lighting with LEDs, simultaneously improving the space for community members and saving money on the city’s energy bills.

As folks enter the Brownton Community Center, they have noted and are impressed with the clear, white light that welcomes them into the building.

Ella Kruse, Brownton City Clerk

How did the installation go for the city?

The process of replacing the lighting was quite simple. In our case, it basically came down to just making it happen. Being awarded the CERTs Seed Grant helped us kickstart the project sooner than later, and the grant application was easy and user friendly. The project cost the city some money, but we know that it will save us money in the long run!

What has been the reaction to the new LED lighting?

The Brownton Community Center is available for public rental and is used often for weddings, dances, meetings, and parties. Since the conversion we have received positive compliments about the lighting. As folks enter, they have noted and are impressed with the clear, white light that welcomes them into the building. We also put a notice in the McLeod County Chronicle after completing the project to let even more people know about the conversion to LED lighting.

  • Technology: Lighting Upgrades
  • WC CERT Seed Grant: $1,400
  • Total Project Cost: $13,836
  • Other Funds: utility rebate, city’s electric fund
  • Project Team: Chad Draeger (City of Brownton Public Works), John Schrupp (Hotwire Electric, Inc.), Curt Carrigan (City of Brownton), Ella Kruse (City of Brownton)
  • People Involved & Reached: 6,400
  • Annual Energy Savings: 13,228 kWh

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