City of Maplewood tackles energy burden in its neighborhoods

April 2023

In 2022, the City of Maplewood embarked on an energy efficiency project to help reduce the energy burden of its manufactured home park residents.

This project, called Clean Energy for All, is part of an ongoing effort to build relationships with residents and connect them to energy cost-saving programs that can help offset excessive utility costs. Clean Energy for All furthers the City of Maplewood’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan Renewable Energy Goals and builds on the RE-Energize Maplewood initiatives. 


People from low-income households are more likely to pay a higher percentage of their annual income towards energy bills. This burden is often intensified by financial barriers that limit access to energy efficient lighting, appliances, and insulation. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy defines energy burden as households paying 6% or more of their income towards energy costs. In Maplewood, over 6% of households qualify under this definition. The city targeted Beaver Lake Estates, Town and Country Estates, and Rolling Hills manufactured home parks to reach residents likely experiencing energy burden.


Clean Energy for All aims to connect manufactured home park residents in Maplewood with energy efficiency resources through several partnerships. The city partnered with Citizens Utility Board (CUB) to offer energy bill clinics which help residents understand their bills and find ways to reduce energy use, as well as identify programs and rebates to save money. On average, the clinics helped customers save $150 in the first year in energy costs, based on pre-pandemic data.

Maplewood also collaborated with Xcel Energy to conduct Home Energy Squad visits. Xcel created this program as part of its residential services to identify places where households use (or lose) energy. The team of energy experts help install energy efficient LED lighting, programmable thermostats, and weatherstripping for free for qualifying households. Through Maplewood’s extensive outreach and events, they were able to sign up 31 households for energy audits.


Clean Energy Focus: Manufactured Home Park engagement with energy bill clinics, Home Energy Squad, and energy information sharing.

Metro CERT Seed Grant: $1,000

Other Funds Leveraged: Xcel Energy, Citizens Utility Board, and Center for Energy and Environment

Energy Saved Each Year: 59,000 kWh and 2,680 therms

Money Saved Each Year: $9,950

People Involved and Reached: 1,630


As part of Clean Energy for All, the City of Maplewood commissioned a study by energy and climate consultants at paleBLUEdot. The study includes research on ways to mitigate energy burdens for households with low-middle incomes. It also includes suggestions for Maplewood’s future low-income climate action plan, such as starting pilot projects for energy efficiency cost share and efficient fuel-switching programs. They also suggest state-sponsored community solar garden development. There are exciting developments going on in Maplewood to help all communities reap the benefits of clean energy and energy efficiency.

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