Community energy "blitzes"

June 2023

Kim Stumne manages several manufactured home parks across the state.

She jumped at the chance to save folks money by using Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) Seed Grants to implement an energy efficiency “blitz” at two Regency Park Mobile Home Parks: one in Eagle Lake and the other in Mora, Minnesota. We caught up with her to learn more about the two outreach events. Check out what she learned and what's next for the parks she manages.


Community energy blitz event Regency Park Mobile Homes


Lots of partners make light(er) work

Eagle Lake, MN: “We had an outreach event on May 23, 2022. We purchased $1,000 energy efficiency items through the grant. We partnered with BENCO electric utility and Minnesota Valley Action Council CAP for additional energy efficiency items. Each unit received a giveaway bag worth $80. There were six sign-ups for Home Energy Squad visits from CenterPoint Energy. 16 units came to the outreach event and we hand-delivered bags to the remaining units in the community.”

Mora, MN: “We had an outreach event on October 11, 2022. We purchased $1,300 energy efficiency items through the grant. We partnered with Mora Municipal Utility, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, Minnesota Energy Resources, Center for Energy & Environment, and Lakes and Pines Community Action Program for additional energy efficiency items and programs.”

Who did the project serve?

“[The projects] served the residents of Regency of Minnesota manufactured home parks. It served them in the way that a lot of them are lower-income households and given the fact that manufactured homes are considered affordable housing, the giveaway items are things they need but probably wouldn't purchase because of tight funds. It gives them energy-saving ideas and supplies.

"If I am being completely honest, I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of how to do this project with all that is on my plate and traveling and such. CERTs was very patient and understanding of that and worked with me every step of the way. From me and my tenants, I would like to extend a thank you for helping me and our staff through it and providing the information and resources to the tenants."


- Kim Stumne, manufactured home park manager

Personalized outreach with both/and approach

“We learned that people really do need or want the cost-saving ideas for energy in their home, but they don't always know who to reach out to. This is probably the biggest takeaway we got from the residents. Having this event in the community gave the residents the opportunity to not only receive items that would help them save on bills in their home, but also had the chance to ask people directly questions they needed answered from folks who know about home energy issues. This put information at residents' fingertips. 

“What others might find in working with manufactured home parks is that seniors might not be comfortable coming out to an outreach event/table and being around a bunch of people. So, it is good to have the option of a more personalized visit ('if you can't attend the event, call... and we can come by individually'). To do this work, you almost need both approaches — a gathering and door-to-door — to reach people. It works for people that are away at jobs as well.”

What does the future look like?

"We would like to have this event again, yearly, if possible. This program/event was fantastic. Weatherizing, cost saving ideas, energy efficient items — any resources that I can give the tenants makes everything better, makes it easier for the tenants. A lot of these homes are old homes. The heat tape information is critical. And maybe that is something that is looked into for a future event — either providing those supplies or giving stipends for purchasing those items. The water break and damage to a water heater are critical issues."

Community energy blitz event Regency Park Mobile Homes



Clean Energy Focus: Energy Efficiency Blitzes in Manufactured Home Parks

Northeast CERT Seed Grant: $1,900

Southeast CERT Seed Grant: $1,600

Other Funds Leveraged: Community Action Agencies, utilities, Home Energy Squad

Energy Saved Each Year: 12,055 kWh and 3,643 therms

Money Saved Each Year: $4,500

People Involved and Reached: 285‌

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