Electric vehicle ride and drive in southwestern Minnesota draws traffic

April 2023

Vehicle electrification is gaining momentum, so it was perfect timing in August 2022 for electric utilities to join forces at the Windom Community Center and help raise awareness of the many benefits of electric vehicles (EVs).

Outreach was conducted in Brown, Cottonwood, Jackson, Nobles, and Watonwan counties with some bleed over to bordering counties.

Sign about air pollution from gas-powered vehicles at an EV event“The event was a great success,” writes Jim Haler, member services manager with South Central Electric Association. “We estimated over 100 people attended. There were 93 people that participated in the ride and drive. We had six different EVs for people to look at and three EVs for people to test drive, including the hard to find Ford F150 Lightning.”

Besides the electric pickup truck, folks could drive the Chevy Bolt and Kia Niro. Additional EVs at the event included Hyundai Kona, various Tesla models, and a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

The event included a panel discussion of industry experts followed by a question and answer period. Haler noted that talking with current EV drivers was crucial. “This was a great opportunity for people to actually see an EV and talk with the people that owned them. Most importantly if they wished, they could drive an EV.”

Event planners are considering making this an annual event. So stay tuned to CERTs Energy Stories for future dates!

“We appreciate CERTs assistance with the event. It was helpful to get our boards to approve funding for our commitment.”

Jim Haler, member services manager South Central Electric Association

South Central Electric Association - Electric Vehicle Education

Clean Energy Focus: Electric Vehicle Education Event

Southwest CERT Seed Grant: $5,000

Other Funds Leveraged: Great River Energy and American Lung Association in MN

People Involved and Reached: 106

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