Houston, we have an EV charger!

October 2023

Are you an electric vehicle owner? Have you considered a trip to visit the Houston Nature Center or the International Owl Center in southeastern Minnesota? If so, charging is available and waiting! 

Through a collaboration with ZEF Energy, Dairyland Power, MiEnergy Cooperative, CERTs, and Houston Public Schools, the City of Houston (pop. 997) in southeast Minnesota was able to install a dual head EV charging station. This expands the network regionally and brings the ability to charge EVs to this small, rural town. 

“EV charging stations are now available in La Crescent, Houston, Rushford, Caledonia, and Lanesboro, which are located along Scenic Byway State 16,” notes Suzie Peterson with the City of Houston.

“The City of Houston would not have been able to install the EV charging station without the CERTs grant and for that we are appreciative."


- Suzie Peterson, City of Houston

8th graders from Houston Public Schools celebrate at the ribbon cutting event with posters!

Houston sees building out EV charging infrastructure as an integral part of their tourism strategy. MiEnergy was able to include details about the EV charging availability in PlugShare.com, a website dedicated to sharing locations and details of EV charging stations. Google maps reflects the charging station location also. The International Owl Center helped to share this information with those planning visits to their facility and across their network of patrons. In addition, a ribbon cutting was held to share information with the local public and news outlets.

City staff continue to review the data provided with the charging system to better understand the EV charging station’s patterns of use. It is the city's desire to collaborate with Root River Trail Towns to showcase the availability of EV charging stations along the State 16 Scenic Byway.


Clean Energy Focus: EV Charging Station

Southeast CERT Seed Grant: $2,500

Other Funds Leveraged: electric cooperative utility, city budget

Energy Saved/Electrified Each Year: 970 gallons of gasoline avoided and 9,000 kWh used for charging

Money Saved Each Year: $2,590

People Involved and Reached: 13,007




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