Meet Kelly Lady SE CERT Steering Committee Member

October 2022

Kelly Lady is a long-time Southeast CERT Steering Committee member and also the Marketing and Energy Services Manager at Austin Utilities. For over a decade she has helped guide SE CERT work in her role as an energy professional.

Kelly says she “fell into this career.” She was working in the gas department at Austin Utilities and she says, “they thought I might be a good choice and so moved me into the role working with Owatonna and Rochester municipal utilities with energy efficiency programs and services.” She continued, “obviously I’ve enjoyed it and have stuck with it since 1997.”

In her role working with the triad group (Austin, Rochester, and Owatonna public utilities) Kelly was part of the start of the Conserve & Save® residential energy efficiency program where previously only commercial programs were offered.

“I tell people that I started in credit collections, always calling people about past due bills and now I get to call people and tell them their rebate check is ready. I learned that just like they say, it is better to give than to receive.”

Kelly Lady, SE CERT Steering Committee member

Kelly has been part of some recent ground-breaking programs at Austin Utilities.

“I like to borrow ideas, so I keep my eye on what other utilities are doing. A perfect example is the Austin Utilities electric vehicle owners club. Part of the success is that the EV owners participate with us in education at public events.”

Kelly is also kicking off an on-line paperless rebate program in early 2023, and last year implemented a Heat Smart program for low-income natural gas customers.

But innovation is not new for Kelly. Back in 2015 in collaboration with Riverland Community College, and with a CERTs seed Grant, Austin Utilities installed a solar-powered EV charging station in downtown Austin.

Kelly told us she has enjoyed her involvement with CERTs over the years. She has appreciated CERTs help, most memorably with Business Blitz events in Austin. 

I was so thankful for the CERTs team that went door knocking to local businesses sharing rebate information and promoting our programs.

Kelly Lady, SE CERT Steering Committee member

Southeast CERT is grateful to Kelly Lady for her help and for our partnerships over the years.

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