Upper Sioux Community

Round House community center a focal point for energy efficiency

LED lighting project has visible impact

The Upper Sioux Community had one remaining public building that did not have energy efficient lighting installed: The Round House where their elders met regularly.

Simply switching out 89 linear light tubes is now saving 4,072 kWh of electricity and over $500 in costs per year.

This LED lighting upgrade benefits the community’s goal towards self-sufficiency. The Round House community center, built in 1976, was the only remaining building within the community that did not have energy-efficient lighting. Upgrading to LEDs will have over a 50% savings in energy costs. It reminds us all that even small efforts in energy efficiency can have a big impact.

Mitch Olson, Executive Assistant with the Upper Sioux Community

According to Mitch Olson, the Round House continues to serve the community in valuable and diverse ways. “Our people who use the building will find this project informative and relevant because it will inspire many from the community to seek and employ energy efficient methods within their own homes.”

Olson continued, “This project is in alignment with the community’s mission to provide culturally-based programs and services that preserve the Dakota traditions, promote and support education, healthy families and a diversified and growing economy, leading to increased self-esteem and self-sufficiency for individual community members the Pezihutazizi Oyate. We appreciate the support of the Clean Energy Resource Team (CERTs) to help our community to be aware of the improvements available.”

  • Technology: LED tube lighting upgrade
  • West Central CERT Seed Grant: $1,000
  • Total Project Cost: $2,530.80
  • Other Funds: in-kind time of public works, finance, and arts; tribal budget
  • Project Team: Teresa Peterson, Mitch Olson, Samantha Odegard, & Timothy L. Blue (Upper Sioux Community)
  • People Involved and Reached: 48
  • Annual Energy Savings: 4,713 kWh

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