Celebrating 20 years

Top 20 Seed Grant Projects

July 2023

CERTs awards seed grants to communities across Minnesota for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Since 2006 we've awarded over $1.6M to 467 projects!

As we reflect on 20 years of the Clean Energy Resource Teams, we know there are too many great projects over the years to narrow it down to 20. In fact, we tried a few months ago when we picked our top stories about seed grants! So we're breaking our rules, sharing them all, and asking you to choose your own adventure, CERTs Seed Grant edition.

Seed Grant Project Map

Where to begin? By color or by region or by chance?

The map below includes all CERTs seed grant projects with different colors indicating different years. Click a map dot to learn more about a project, drag to move, and use the + and – buttons to zoom.

If you're inspired, think about what $5,000-$10,000 could do for a clean energy project in your community.

Explore our funding criteria and see if your project would be a fit.

CERTs Seed Grants

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