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Wastewater treatment plant efficiency opportunities

Effective wastewater treatment systems are critical infrastructure to manage waste effluent within hundreds of communities in Minnesota. The Minnesota Rural Water Association (MRWA) is partnering with MPCA, MnTAP, City of St. Cloud and Met Council on a Wastewater Optimization Pilot Project (Pond and Mechanical). Optimization includes getting better results through existing infrastructure. The goal of the project is to provide assistance to comply with water quality standards without needing expensive new construction and increased nutrient removal and improved operational efficiencies. There is NO cost to participate in this project!

Case studies highlight energy efficiency at Minnesota wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) operate in approximately 600 communities in Minnesota. Energy can account for 25-40% of the operating budgets of wastewater utilities. Through a U.S. Department of Energy grant, the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program worked to capture energy efficiency opportunities in the wastewater sector by providing tools and technical assistance to small and midsized facilities across the state. Through the facility assessments completed over the course of this grant, a multitude of low-cost, no-cost energy efficiency opportunities were implemented that reduced WWTP energy use between 5-30% and saved each plant an average of $13,000 in annual energy costs. The project team has published new case studies that highlight these energy- and cost-saving opportunities at Minnesota wastewater facilities, including:

For more information on wastewater treatment efficiency, please visit the MnTAP project website and the B3 Wastewater Treatment Plants page.

Recent GreenStep Cities workshop on wastewater energy-saving opportunities



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