Tesla offering free chargers to Minnesota hotels and resorts

Tesla offers two free chargers to hotels and resorts across Minnesota

Tesla is hoping that owners of Minnesota hotels and resorts will want to attract drivers of Tesla vehicles to their property by joining Tesla’s destination charging network. As part of their current program, properties will receive their first two Tesla wall connectors free of charge as long as they are installed in visible or convenient locations.

Interested hotels, resorts, clubs, or other full-service destinations interested in partnering with Tesla to install charging hardware need to fill out a form on Tesla’s website to get the process started. Judging from the map provided, nine hotels and lodges have taken advantage of this opportunity in Minnesota so far. That isn’t very many. Considering that back in May of this year, nearly 375,000 people had already pre-ordered the Tesla Model 3, we’re going to be seeing a lot more Teslas on the road in the next year or two.

So come on Minnesota’s hospitality industry, what have you got to lose? Get your free charging stations.

Map of destination charging stations in Minnesota

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