A screenshot from one of the videos, "Building Science is No BS"

Using video to spread energy efficency education in Cook County

You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated bunch of folks working to build a clean energy future than the Cook County Local Energy Project (CCLEP) based out of Grand Marais.

Since 2008, this spunky band of volunteers have been working on a variety of clean energy projects. Of recent note is their comprehensive Cook County and Grand Marais Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Plan completed in 2012.

Hoping to do more education around energy efficiency opportunities, CCLEP applied for a CERTs seed grant to help make a series of three educational videos.

“The goal of using video to implement community energy efficiency is to grow a new energy efficiency paradigm: expand public awareness and knowledge about energy efficiency and mindful energy use,” notes Virginia Danfelt in the CCLEP final report. “This goal is to inspire more citizens to take action.”

So take a look at their three videos and explore the CCLEP website. And the next time you are up in beautiful Grand Marais, take a moment to tip your hat to these outstanding clean energy volunteers!

Want to learn how your community can get a CERTs Seed Grant to advance your work? Applications for the next round of grants are available and due October 26th. To get started, visit the Seed Grant page and see other awarded projects from past years.