Community Energy Ambassadors Training

Training Overview

CEA bannerCommunity Energy Ambassadors are well-informed in energy efficiency and renewable energy topics due to their curiosity and their training.

CERTs provides an overview of clean energy to make you feel comfortable and confident. You don't have to be an expert in clean energy, you just need to be curious and open to learning more.

Whether you're determined to become a CERTified Community Energy Ambassador by completing the training and the project, or you just want to explore what we offer to become better informed on different aspects of clean energy, we welcome you!

Let's get started

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We're creating a a training checklist that will take you through each section of the training and track your progress. When you complete the checklist you'll learn more about the scope of the project idea, and the different possibilities you can pursue. It will be up to you to submit an idea to us (we'll provide the form soon). We'll reach out to you to learn more about your idea and to support you as you move forward.

Once you complete your approved project, you'll be a CERTified Community Energy Ambassador! This means you'll be invited to present to different communities upon request as well as sport some really cool, official Ambassador swag!

But no pressure to commit. We're glad you're here and we're happy to share more about clean energy with you! You can always visit this page to review sessions and find more information on topics you want to dive into.

Check out the trainings scheduled and register for as many as you like! 

Have questions or feedback? Let us know!

Track your progress

While you wait for the checklist, you can record your training progress by filling out this survey each time you watch a new a webinar!

Self-Directed Training

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Home Energy Efficiency

CERTs Regional Coordinators will present home energy efficiency basics to help you understand different ways people can save money and energy in their homes, followed by Q&A time.

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Heat Pumps for Homes

CERTs Regional Coordinators will provide an overview of how heat pumps can efficiently work in your home for space heating and cooling, as well as heating water and drying clothes. There will be time for Q&A following the presentation.


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How to Speak Solar

CERTs Regional Coordinators will provide an overview of all things solar energy. There will be time for Q&A following the presentation.

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Electric Vehicles (coming soon)

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Paying for Your Projects (coming soon)

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Community Engagement - An overview for Community Energy Ambassadors

CERTs Regional Coordinator Nik Allen will provide an overview of how you can effectively engage your community as you connect them to the clean energy resources that fit their needs, followed by Q&A time.

Questions? Feedback?

Join a fun and informal Ambassador Q&A webinar. CERTs staff will answer your questions about the program and any questions you receive from your community.

Or send us an email anytime: [email protected]

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