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CERTs can help you make connections, find resources and capacity, and explore new programs and partnerships.

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People should not have to choose whether to heat their home or buy food. As an organization dedicated to serving underserved communities, we know that energy costs are a burden for many Minnesotans, and that energy efficiency and renewable energy can be part of the solution. CERTs can help you make connections, find more resources and capacity, and explore innovative new programs and partnerships.

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The Clean Energy Resource Teams work across the state of Minnesota to provide organizations with the best unbiased resources, tools, guidance, connections, funding opportunities, events, and stories. Best of all, we're not trying to sell you anything: our services are free.

“Energy Burden” is the percentage of household income spent on home energy bills. The nation’s average energy burden is roughly 3.5%, but some Minnesotans spend 20-30% of their income on energy.

With an all-in, concerted effort, Minnesota can reduce the energy burden of all of our families and households. 

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