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CERTs is well-situated to add support and value to the services utilities are already delivering for their customers.

Unbiased support and resources

CERTs provides unbiased resources, tools, guidance, connections, funding and financing opportunities, events, and stories to Minnesota communities. We're well-situated to add support and value to the services utilities are already delivering for their customers.

A partner in serving your customers

CERTs is dedicated to helping Minnesotans make informed decisions about clean energy, and utilities play a critical role in working with their customers to get energy efficiency and renewable energy projects done. From outreach and education to program design and delivery, we're excited to explore opportunities to partner.

Ways we can work together

  • Conduct a Business Blitz. CERTs will add to the utility‚Äôs business engagement efforts by visiting small- to medium-sized businesses in-person to share utility rebate information, sleuth out recently completed or planned projects, distribute giveaways, and schedule assessments.
  • Saving Watts and Drops. CERTs can help utilities offer programming for easy-to-install, energy- & water- saving products, such as sprayers, faucet aerators, showerheads, LED bulbs, and advanced power strips.
  • Targeted Marketing of Rebate or Other Programs. CERTs can spread the word on specific utility programs through media releases, radio PSAs, MN Energy Stories, one-on-one outreach, flyers in target communities.
  • Leverage Other Programs for Farm and Small Business Projects. CERTs could partner with the utility to identify specific agricultural or rural small business targets for tailored assistance with non-utility programs.
  • Support Low-Income Programs. CERTs can assist a utility with meeting its low-income CIP spending requirement or furthering its income-eligible programs.
  • Promote Multi-Family Conservation Programs. Multi-family buildings are a great leverage point to achieve energy savings. CERTs is a part of multi-family networks and may offer new perspectives and connections.
  • Launch a Group Action Challenge. Chambers of commerce, business associations, communities of faith, youth groups, and other community groups are great access points for energy efficiency. Individual action can be motivated through a group challenge and reward.
  • Present at Key Audience Meetings. CERTs could present at community groups or business sectors meetings (e.g., property managers, contractors, chambers of commerce, agricultural producers, etc.).
  • Host an Energy Efficiency Pop-up. CERTs could host a table at a busy place in town (e.g., coffee shop) and be available to answer questions and share resources with community members.
  • Leverage Local Leaders. CERTs can brainstorm and implement creative ways to leverage local leaders to publicize and market your programs.
  • Facilitate Community Solar Gardens or Other Solar. CERTs could help communicate about and solicit interest in community solar gardens, as well as review other options for more solar.
  • Co-Produce Stories. CERTs can help highlight the work that utilities are doing around energy efficiency and clean energy in general to share via Minnesota Energy Stories and utility newsletters.
  • Host webinars or forums. CERTs could provide training or sharing opportunities among utilities about emerging project models, technologies, or other examples of particular interest.
  • Provide Survey Assistance. For a fee, CERTs could help a utility gather feedback from members/customers about specific topics, conservation programs, or new services.

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