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SolarSkies hot water panels For a limited time only, the MN Office of Energy Security is offering a significant rebate for solar thermal installations on homes and businesses across the state!

Start heating with a reliable, energy efficient, and cost-saving solar thermal system. Manufactured here in Minnesota, solar thermal panels can reduce your space heating and water heating bill!

“This is an amazing opportunity for people to get great deals on a solar thermal installation and support green manufacturing jobs right here in Minnesota at the same time,” says Joel Haskard, co-coordinator of the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs).

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A Solar Air Heating System directly transfers the sun’s warmth into hot air to heat your home, reducing your heating costs when you need it the most. A Solar Water Heating System uses the heat of the sun to heat your water, saving on your hot water costs. Both solar thermal systems utilize a clean and renewable energy—the sun!

The community impacts of solar thermal are even greater. Solar thermal projects across the state provide educational and training opportunities for community members of all ages. See our solar thermal case studies to learn how to engage your community around solar thermal.

Rebate details: Businesses and multi-family housing units could see rebates up to $25,000, and home owners could save $2,000 (25% of costs) and or 2-3 family units could save up to $4,000 on the cost of a system. Up to $500,000 in solar thermal rebates are available for Minnesota businesses and residents. To access application materials, visit the Rebates & Credits section of the Office of Energy Security’s website.

Hot Rebates for Solar Thermal in the News

CERTs Press Release

Additional Savings in St. Paul & Minneapolis: If you live in St. Paul or Minneapolis you may be eligible to receive up to $1,500 off your system and installation costs for a solar thermal hot water system. We are partnering with the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES) who is adding this additional incentive for solar thermal hot water systems through the Make Mine Solar H20 bulk-buy program. You will be able to have your information automatically shared with this program when you fill out our solar hot water form.

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Working to move Minnesota toward a sustainable energy future, managing energy assistance funds, advocating in the public interest on energy utility rates and facility siting. We provide information and assistance to residents, builders, utilities, non-profits and policy-makers on home improvements, financial assistance, renewable technologies, policy initiatives, and utility regulations.
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Action Steps: What to do

  1. Fill out our online form to connect to our local manufacturers and learn more. Our local manufacturers will contact you to provide more information about your specific solar opportunities and set up a site assessment if you have not already done one (a site assessment is a prerequisite for rebate application).
  2. Visit OES Rebates:
    • Residential Rebates
    • Business Rebates
    • Please note: Businesses are eligible for solar heating rebates if they employ 20 or fewer employees and meet prevailing wage requirements. Eligible installations must be completed by a licensed contractor.
  3. Submit rebate materials to secure the limited-time rebate! You must get approval from the state for the rebate before you purchase the system and begin installation.

  4. You should also apply for a Federal Residential Renewable Tax Credit or a Business Energy Investment Tax Credit if you are eligible.

  5. Work with your manufacturer and installer to plan your project and purchase and install your solar panels.

  6. Monitor your energy savings and share your story!

More Resources: Dig Deeper

Want to learn more about solar thermal rebates and the benefits of heating water and air with using the power of the sun? Check out the resources below.

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