New Income

Lease your Land for Solar or Wind

With the continued growth of Minnesota's solar and wind energy industries, opportunities to attract extra revenue through land lease payments will continue to present themselves to landowners with windy and sunny sites. Now is the time to get educated about what a good land lease looks like and find the support you need to get a good deal.

If you’re considering leasing your land for solar, the resources below can help you get started thinking about it and dig further into the details.

  1. Model land lease agreement

  2. Guide to community solar lease agreements

  3. Model rooftop lease agreement

This solar garden is approximately 22 acres and it produces enough power to power about 1,000 homes. It makes a lot sense for me that I know this 22 acres is going to make me a profit and it’s also producing a lot of electricity and helping out the community.

Ed Eichten, owner of Eichten Hidden Acres

The wind turbines have been our saving grace. There are upticks and downturns in business and with new challenges everyday you have to adapt and have to correct with the market and be flexible. Wind turbines are a great example of that to try and keep as many dollars coming into the farm as you can.

Andrew Hamilton, Mower County farmer

Video: Farmers share their experiences