The future of energy storage in Minnesota

with Ellen Anderson, Marc Perez & Todd Olinsky-Paul

It’s clear that Energy Storage is necessary to reach our clean energy goals, but the amount, technologies, and applications we need are still emerging.

We kicked off our Energy Futures events in 2021 in collaboration with our colleagues at the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment to talk about energy storage. The first event in this two-part series focused on the big picture of energy storage, what that expansive term can include, and what the future of energy storage may look like here in Minnesota and the Midwest.

Event Moderator & Speakers

Akisha Everett
Energy Storage Project Coordinator
UMN Institute on the Environment
Ellen Anderson
Climate Program Director
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
Marc Perez
Senior Researcher
Clean Power Research
Todd Olinksy-Paul
Senior Project Director
Clean Energy Group & Clean Energy States Alliance

Watch or listen to the conversation below.

You can also explore more resources further down.

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Speaker Resources

  1. Ellen: For a fantastic primer on storage in Minnesota, check out Energy Storage 101: A Quick-Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition from the University of Minnesota Energy Transition Lab.
  2. Marc: Explore the Minnesota Solar Pathways project's Solar Potential Analysis report about the most cost-effective ways to get to a high-renewables future, including the concept of 'implicit storage' and see an overview of storage technologies from the Energy Storage Association.
  3. Todd: Clean Energy Group has two fresh reports that were touched on, a New State Funding Mechanism to Make Battery Storage Accessible to All and the New Economics of Solar + Storage for Affordable Housing. A webinar covering these reports is scheduled for March 12.

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