Video: The Walkes family powers their grain and cattle farm with solar

October 2020

Plainview, MN corn, soybean, hay, and cattle farmers Roger and Judy Walkes and their daughter Rachel added solar to their operation. According to Roger, "It's hard to control the farm economy, but with solar we can control our energy costs for years to come," a fact that brings him comfort when he thinks about passing the farm down to his daughter.

Watch the video below to learn about the family's story of going solar, why it fits with their farming operation, and how it's already paying off.

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About the video

Thanks to Solar Connection, the installer involved in the Walkes' project, and to MinnPACE from the St. Paul Port Authority that made their PACE financing possible. This video is an advance release from season 10 of This American Land, which will reach public television audiences nationwide in Spring of 2021.

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