Zoar Lutheran Church caring for creation with solar installation

A Spirited Effort


What began as an idea to lessen the carbon footprint of Zoar Lutheran Church in Tofte, MN has evolved into a solar energy project that will cover 100% of the church's energy use.

The church is working with two Minnesota companies, All Energy Solar, a solar installer based in Saint Paul, and Heliene, a solar panel manufacturer in Mountain Iron, to add 24 panels to the roof of the parsonage for $25,000. They are also working with Joe Sanders, owner of the Tofte General Store, as a business partner. Sanders can take advantage of the federal tax credit, something the church could not do on its own as a nonprofit entity.


“I believe these projects are ways we can care for God’s creation, help manufacturing and business in our region, and give the gift of energy independence to future generations.

Pastor Blanck, Zoar Lutheran Church
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