Community solar expansion provides an important option

February 2023

Dozens of community solar projects are cropping up across Minnesota.

In fact, we currently have over 400 community solar sites generating over 825 megawatts of electricity. Peter Tubbs from Iowa PBS spoke with CERTs Statewide Director Lissa Pawlisch in a Market to Market segment to help explain community solar and why it's an important option.


Lissa Pawlisch Iowa PBS


“I think there are a lot of people who would really like to participate in solar, but for whatever reason, they don't have the right roof, they don't have the right money right now, they're not in an area where it seems tenable, but they really want to participate. They're watching clean energy happen around them, and they want to know this is for me, too.”

CERTs Statewide Director Lissa Pawlisch

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