The future of renewable energy siting in Minnesota

June 2021

How will we site and build out the sheer amount of solar and wind energy needed to reach ambitious renewable energy targets while preserving farmland, expanding habitat, and maintaining the sense of place that communities have come to appreciate?

That was the focus of the conversation among leading renewable energy planners and practitioners during this Energy Futures event from CERTs. Join Nathan Cummins with The Nature Conservancy, Brian Ross with Great Plains Institute, and Sarah Mills with University of Michigan as they dig into the research, discuss the issues, and surface best practices.

Event Moderator & Speakers

nathan cummins
Great Plains Renewable Energy Strategy Director
The Nature Conservancy
sarah mills
Banas Mills, PhD
Graham Sustainability Institute & Program in the Environment
University of Michigan
brian ross
Vice President, Renewable Energy
Great Plains Institute

Watch or listen to the conversation below.

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