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How could energy storage work for your community?

July 2021

Let's plan those projects

Are you curious about how a battery storage system might help your organization? Wondering about how to even begin thinking about what kind of system would work for you?

Explore resources and a workshop recording from Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) and the Institute on the Environment (IonE) and partners geared toward helping you understand the key factors that influence the type of storage project to pursue and how to get started.

Workshop Overview

  • Storage Guide: During the workshop we dug into Institute on the Environment's just-released Minnesota Community-scale Energy Storage Guide as a primer and resource to move forward.
  • Speakers: We heard from both battery storage adopters and the companies with whom they've partnered about how they designed their projects, and what lessons learned they'd impart to others.
  • Discussion: The workshop then equipped those interested in community-scale battery storage with an understanding of how to begin scoping out a potential project, and helped them dive into their motivation to use a battery storage system—their "use case"—and how those factors will drive the type of battery storage system they need.


Full workshop recording with chapters

Three case studies and their use cases

  1. Hartley Nature Center – Alison Hoxie, University of MN Duluth
    Download slides
  2. Quarry Hill Nature Center – Micah Johnson, Solar Connection
    Download slides
  3. Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission – Julie Kennedy, GRPUC
    Download slides


Community-Scale Energy Storage Guide

How Community Groups and Small Businesses Can Employ Energy Storage to Save Money and Contribute to Minnesota’s Clean Energy Transition

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Benefits of Energy Storage
  • Energy Storage Batteries
  • Bringing Energy Storage to your Home or Community
  • Energy Storage Pilot Projects
  • Appendix
  • Glossary

Video introduction to energy storage

Discussing storage costs and financing

  1. Equipment and Costs of Battery Storage – Nate Broadbridge and Shree Pandey, Sundial Energy
    Download Slides

  2. How Do Folks Pay for Community Energy Storage? – Ralph Jacobson, Impact Power Solutions
    Download Slides

Video about pilot projects

Guide & Presentation Downloads

UMN IonE Community-Scale Energy Storage Guide
Hartley Nature Center - Alison Hoxie, University of MN Duluth
Quarry Hill Nature Center - Micah Johnson, Solar Connection
Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission - Julie Kennedy, GRPUC
Cost Considerations for Energy Storage - Nate Broadbridge & Shree Pandey, Sundial Energy
Financing Community Energy Storage - Ralph Jacobson, Impact Power Solutions
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